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3 Siren Locations: Village of Vernon, Goodall and Brown Rd, and Prior Rd at Lovejoy Cemetery


The sirens provide an alert for a tornado warning activation in Shiawassee County to save lives and properties.



When Shiawassee County is notified of a Tornado Warning threw the National Weather Service or through Shiawassee Central Dispatch the siren shall be activated and alert a solid sound for 3 minutes, if a Tornado has been spotted in the area of Vernon Township or the Village of Vernon, continue to activate the siren for 3 cycles until an all clear has been declared.


If a tornado warning is issued:


  • Find shelter and take cover in an interior room of a building, preferably a basement. If a basement does not exist, find an interior hallway away from windows, doors and outside walls.


  • Tune to radio or TV broadcasts for news on changing weather conditions or approaching storms.


Siren Testing:


Vernon Twp will do its monthly test only at 12:00 pm. the first Sunday of each month from April to November (Pending weather conditions).

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