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Love Joy Cemetery
8000 East Prior Road
Durand, MI 48429
Sexton: Anthony David Karhoff
Phone:  517-673-3989

The land was originally deeded as a cemetery in 1856. It is a very well-maintained cemetery, and is under the management of the Vernon Township board.  It is sometimes called South Vernon Cemetery.  

On the west front side of the cemetery, there is a large monument which reads: "In memory of the unknown dead who lost their lives in the railroad wreck of the great Wallace Shows, Aug 06, 1903." Small markers surround the monument with names of E. J., Joe, George, John, Allen, and Thomas, unclaimed bodies from the wreck buried here.

love joy.jpg

Restoration has begun in the cemetery.  Please excuse the noise and dust.  Currently the mausoleum is getting  new sandstone on the roof.  Thank you to the people involved in making this happen.

grrenwood cemetery.jpg
Greenwood Cemetery
224 E. Washington Street
Vernon, Michigan 48476
Sexton:  Bonnie Reed
Phone:  989-288-4365

Chalker Cemetery

Chalker Cemetery is a cultural feature (cemetery) in Shiawassee County

chalker cemetery.jpg

Section 4 of Vernon Twp.
Intersection of Durand Rd and Goodall Rd.
Shiawassee County

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